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Sojourn Review publishes thoughtful commentary on politics and international affairs through writings and podcasts. In addition to publishing content created by its staff, Sojourn Review also publishes content submitted by readers via op-eds and letters to the editor. Sojourn Review is currently accepting op-ed and letter submissions along with applications to become a Staff Writer. 

Submit an Op-Ed

If you would like to submit an original article for consideration to be published at Sojourn Review, please complete the form below.

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Submit a Letter to the Editor

If you would like to submit a letter to the editor, please complete the form below. Sojourn Review makes an effort to publish all letters submitted. If your letter is in response to a specific article published on Sojourn Review, please include the link to that article in your submission.

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Become a Staff Writer

Sojourn Review is currently accepting applications to become a Staff Writer. All writers at Sojourn Review are required to share a passion for good political discourse and factual arguments. This is currently an unpaid position.


Skill - Staff Writers must be able to write about politics and international affairs coherently and persuasively while maintaining factual accuracy. Applicants must submit two writing samples that demonstrate this ability. Please limit your samples to under one thousand words each. Links to published articles you have written are acceptable.

Professionalism - Staff Writers are required to write and publish at least one article per month. Each article must be adequately researched and fact-checked. All applicants must be able to meet this recurring requirement. 

Passion - Staff Writers must be able to argue passionately in writing about their opinions. However, an eagerness to learn and change is also required. Applicants must be willing to interact and engage with diverse opinions and perspectives. 

If you believe that you meet these requirements, then Sojourn Review invites you to fill out the application below.

If you are selected an editor will reach out with additional details. Thank you for your interest in joining Sojourn Review.

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