Sojourn Review is Evolving

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Sojourn review is committed to elevating reasonable debate about politics and international affairs. For four months, we have shared arguments and opinions through our published articles. We have also enabled readers to publicly interact with our arguments through letters to the editor and op-eds. Today, we are announcing a few changes to our website that will further our goal of creating a platform for political discourse and engagement with readers.

Introducing Donations

Web advertisements are a major obstacle between our readers and the written content we publish. Today, we're removing them. From now on, our readers can digest written content without distraction. Instead of relying on intrusive web advertisements or paywalls to sustain our work, we will now rely on the support of our readers. If you appreciate the work we do, please consider becoming a monthly supporter through our new Patreon Page. We have also created an exclusive benefit to Patreons who donate at least $5 per month. There is also an option for one-time donations at our Donate page.

Introducing The Overton Window

Today we are launching a new way for readers to interact with our content. The Overton Window is a new podcast hosted by our editors. In this weekly podcast, Brandon Clarkson, Zach Sizemore, and James Nickerson discuss news, politics, and international affairs. Like with our writings, The Overton Window will be a platform for political commentary that defends the values necessary for fostering productive political discourse: free speech, reason, and empiricism. New episodes are released every Monday, and episode one is available now on iTunes and on our Podcast page. 

Thanks to our readers, we have found great success in our first four months of publishing. Here's to many more.

The Editors